300-HOUR TTC 2019 in NHA TRANG, Vietnam

We divide this TTC into two parts, due to the Chinese New Year, the Têt in Vietnamese.
1. First part:       2 ~ 27 January 2019
2. Second part: 10 ~ 27 February 2019
The morning classes, for the first part, will be taught by Aki, a 500-hour RYT
During the second part, we will have the visit of Tetyana, for 4 full days, to teach PRE and POSTNATAL yoga.
All information about our 300-hour TTCs are on the blog in this website.
For information on Nha Trang, registration, please contact Ms Lan at https://www.facebook.com/dangxinh.nhatrang or Lan Pham's email address ngoclansodex@gmail.com
Thank you
PS: for the content of the 300-hour TTCs, please visit the blog on this website.
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