My trip Nice-Taibei

     Nothing worth telling since Emirates's service is so good that I have no comments (or they’d just be positive). But:
     On the 1st flight, I watched 3 movies, or rather 2 ½. One was Blade Runner… I did not like the ending. The next one was the Commuter, I loved this movie, excellent plot, much action, well a film to “kill time” since on a plane, I don’t know what to do, I cannot even meditate, given that my brain doesn’t function as usual.
     But the 3rd movie was Black Mass, with my favourite actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Johnny Depp. When we landed, I had just watched 1 hour of the film, there remained something like 30-40 minutes, and I thought, no problem, I will continue on the 2nd flight.
But… on the 2nd flight, this film was not offered. I feel soooooo frustrated. How can I see the end? I bet, I need to get on Spotify or something like that!
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