2017, AUGUST 21 ~ OCTOBER 4
     YOGAYANTRA is invited by RISHIKESH YOGDHAM to lead a 300-hour intensive course (mostly but not only) for all levels of students of yoga. This TTC meets Yoga Alliance’s standards: Their logo will appear on your certificate. YOGAYANTRA is a 500 RYS (registered yoga school).
      The chosen style is the Vinyasa style, with also any good elements from any other schools that I find profitable for our physical and spiritual development. You will gain a greater awareness and intelligence through this, as well as learn modifications for your own practice and teaching. We include Yoga Therapy although Yoga Alliance doesn’t want us to use this terms—but we do focus a lot of yoga therapy.
      Most is explained on FB https://www.facebook.com/events/1525358137766182/ Please visit YogayantraDominique R’s events for more explanations and content of this level II course.  
Also visit www.yogayantra.com ‘s blog where you find details on the 300-hour TTC.
      If you are in India, please contact fatima29@gmail.com In any case I will put you in contact with her, since she organises everything from Rishikesh.
      Warm regards

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