Resources & Bibliography

This only represents a tiny fraction of what I have read... 下载文件 点击下载此文件
To get the other 'resources and bibliography" dedicated to the 300-hour students, please send me an email.
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YOGA SUTRA, translation by Shyam Ranganathan

Excerpts from Shyam Ranganathan’s excellent translation of the Yoga Sutra

What is Yoga. In contemporary meaning, yoga is now predominantly used to refer to physical disciplines of posture series. It is common to call the individual posture asana-s. Asana is a still, firm, seated position. What now go under the heading of yoga are difficult bodily exercises. Patanjali would have classified such exercises as tapas, heat or stress-causing exercises. For Patanjali, tapas in an integral part of yoga, but not coextensive with all of yoga [YS II.1]
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Becoming minimalist

Do you really need 200 T-shirts? 100 pairs of jeans? 200 pairs of shoes?
Here is an attached document on cotton. Think twice: whenever you buy anything, you are fuelling children forced labour too! 下载文件 点击下载此文件
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Brands who use animals to test their products

Before buying cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes and home products, please see this list.
It is in Spanish but easy to understand. You may find the link for the same list in English
It is in the pdf document here in attachment.
Make sure that what you put on your skin, what u use for yr home is not harming animals. Animal testing is totally useless, outdated, but it represents a huge amount of $$$$$$ globally. Animal testing goes against the paramount duty of a person practicing yoga: AHIMSA, non-violence.
Thank you for not being part of the sacrifice of thousands of animals下载文件 点击下载此文件
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A teacher, especially a yoga teacher, is not someone who can do all kinds of amazing yoga postures, but someone who can TRANSMIT her knowledge.
She is not the most flexible or stronger yoga teacher in the world, in China or even in Shanghai, but she has an exceptional sense of observation and of priority
She explains clearly, she guides the students into getting in touch with their sensations, with their subtle body made of energy, through the physical aspect of the asanas
She has studied all aspects of yoga for decades: asanas, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, psychology, etc. and other topics: that’s why she possesses a deep general culture and she uses this huge background into her teachings. In daily life, she doesn’t make any difference between life and practice. And she has been on this planet for 59 years already!
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WOMEN by Amanda Carter

By Amanda Carter, March 2011

Here's my tuppence worth.... tad on the wordy side I'm afraid, 2011.03.10
To my sisters and bloke sisters out there on Women’s Day + 1. So here we are with one whole day to focus on the good bad and ugly for women in this the twenty first century after Christ and 100 years on from the first Women’s Day . Seems it’s barely enough time to ask ourselves why feminism has become as F-word while a rampant sexist male is the leader of a developed European country who increases his popularity with vomit-producing displays of male chauvinism. Where is the outrage and bobbit attempt on the trouble-maker in Berlusconi’s pants? Dear me no, we cannot think such aggressive thoughts, it’s not feminine… no, no, we should merely cluck our tongues, roll our eyes and giggle a little at an old duffer’s foibles. I never cease to be amazed, baffled even, by the incredible patience, forgiveness, endurance and silence of the female of our species.
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Don't bring fear with you on a yogamat!

On a Monday late afternoon, I was going to teach the 7 pm class in a yoga studio, in Shanghai.
There must have been two students I knew, and a few I had never had in my class. So I asked them the traditional questions about their health, did they have any health issue, did they want in this class to focus more particularly on one part of the body, or did they want to do a specific posture and I would build up the sequencing toward it, etc.
And one of the student did not reply to the question about her health, but just said she was a yoga teacher. Well, that certainly to meant that she knew her body and if she had any problem she knew already how to deal with it. Well, well.
I asked her what she used to teach, “astanga”, she said.
Many of her postures were not that good—well, for a yoga teacher, a certain imprecision in the alignment, hip going too low in virabhadrasana B, a few details like that. And I finished my standing sequence on the right side by jumping into a one leg pinca mayurasana.
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