My year 2020 with the COVID19

strange year... flexibility is definitely a quality, let's say "adaptability"下载文件 点击下载此文件
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Conference on Buddhism, 2nd part, Philippe Cornu

You will find who is Philippe Cornu on Wikipedia, among other websites.
His books are translated into English.
i consider him among the best specialist on Buddhism in the world.
I have transcribed his 2nd talk on Buddhism.
then with google translator i have translated it.
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1st part of Philippe Cornu's conference

on the origins of Buddhism.
The original is in French.
I have translated thanks to google translator, but of course if you find something unclear, please let me know, and i will improve the translation.
Thank you.
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The Science of Breathing by Dr Patricia Gerbarg

I found this article very interesting.
Written from the viewpoint of a psychiatrist, trying to help her patients with traditional methods下载文件 点击下载此文件
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this is an article written in French... and i have translated it into English thanks to google-chrome translator.
In attachment. 下载文件 点击下载此文件
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MILK AND CEREALS, by Fabien Moine, Hygienist

the original video is in French, and I have quickly translated (thanks to Google) from my French transcription to English... this is the text in pdf, feel free to spread it as much as you want. 下载文件 点击下载此文件
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You can use this article, which I found very precise at a biochemistry level.
Why we should eat our food RAW, and only eat foods that can be eaten RAW.
you can download the article下载文件 点击下载此文件
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Content of TTCs and FAQs, 300-hour TTCs


Please download the pdf document by clicking on the Chinese characters. 下载文件 点击下载此文件
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