This translation is based on a paper written by Ms Jacqeline HUOT, Naturopath and teacher of naturopaty下载文件 点击下载此文件
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What is saturation?
I'm going to talk about ventilation and respiration. Ventilation is done by breathing, which consists of taking O2 from outside to inside, and CO2 from inside to outside, in a very simple way. Ventilation is the main driver of hemodynamics, i.e. blood circulation. Even before the heart, how is the venous return? When I breathe in, the diaphragm pulls on the venous and splanchnic circulation, and brings all the venous blood back to the right heart. It is the first engine of hemodynamics.
CO2 from inside to outside, it’s also to regulate the pH of the body through the carbonic acid buffer. Expired CO2 comes from the CO2 produced by our cellular metabolism in the form of carbonic acid. We continuously produce CO2 through internal combustion that keeps us alive. From carbon chains and oxygen that comes from the atmosphere for cellular metabolism, we manufacture CO2 in the mitochondria to produce energy, ATP.
So we have to transport oxygen to every cell and into the mitochondria, our ATP energy plants. O2 comes quite easily, for example if I do laps in a swimming pool, in apnea, 3 minutes underwater, I will slowly lower my O2 level in the blood, but I will not desaturate. I will still have enough. But in the meantime I'm going to produce a lot of CO2, all the time. The amount of O2 in the blood is called oxemia, and the CO2 in the blood is called capnia.
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LINOLEIC ACID, Tucker Goodrich interview

This is an interview by Dr Joseph Mercola of Tucker Goodrich.
It is a very important topic on Nutrition, I believe.
I give you a little modified pdf document, as I have suppressed all the useless "yeah", "You are right", etc.
You have also the weblink so that you can watch the original video.
Good read!
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3rd conference on Buddhism

it's a translation by Google --not that bad. 下载文件 点击下载此文件
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it's an answer to a question from Olga, 2020.05.31
Please download the pdf document.
You can share it.
Please send me an email, for unknown reason, i cannot upload this document. I'll send you the document back
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My year 2020 with the COVID19

strange year... flexibility is definitely a quality, let's say "adaptability"下载文件 点击下载此文件
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Conference on Buddhism, 2nd part, Philippe Cornu

You will find who is Philippe Cornu on Wikipedia, among other websites.
His books are translated into English.
i consider him among the best specialist on Buddhism in the world.
I have transcribed his 2nd talk on Buddhism.
then with google translator i have translated it.
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1st part of Philippe Cornu's conference

on the origins of Buddhism.
The original is in French.
I have translated thanks to google translator, but of course if you find something unclear, please let me know, and i will improve the translation.
Thank you.
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